Friday, January 15, 2010

Getting Ready for Vegas...

...sort of. Going to spend most of the day with visiting friends, shoot a cowboy match tomorrow AM then frenetically start throwing trashy cowboy shirts into a bag...instant Vegas!

Seriously, we've been agonizing over our SHOT coverage, and I think it's going to be a slam-dunk. Essentially, we'll be filming 2 episodes of SHOOTING GALLERY, which will air this season, from SHOT. We have multiple dedicated crews for DRTV and, including people focused on LEO/tactical, competition, accessories, etc.

I will be filming my weekly video podcast and recording my audio podcast from the OC booth on the floor of SHOT.

How fast we can get this up of course depends on the pipes out of Vegas, which in the past have been pretty good. The Media Room has high speed Internet, and all our computers are equipped with cell phone Internet links. Priority will go to breaking news, followed by what Marshal Halloway and I think are the most exciting new products.

For all you nerdy folk out there, we'll be using the big gun hi-def studio cameras for SG and some of the Internet stuff, but most of the heavy lifting will be done with Kodak Zi8 Internet cameras fitted with directional shotgun microphones.

Cry, 'Havoc!' and let slip the dogs of SHOT!


forum name BML325, Brandon L said...

Michael you should check out Robinson armament. You had mentioned before that an instructor you know carries one in a violin case. I love the caliber conversion and ruggedness of the rifle and think the rest of the world should see it too.

This from their website.

Robinson Armament Co. has decided last minute to exhibit at the Shot Show. We will be sharing booth number 20034 with Serbu Firearms in the Law Enforcement Section.

Overload in Colorado said...

What shotgun mike are you using?

Michael Bane said...


Brandon...great company but notoriously hard to deal with...I'll stop by and talk with them...Mark Serbu is a friend of mine...


Rastus said...

What's your take on the Denver Post Ch. 11 Bankruptcy filing? AP says it is the 13th newspaper publisher in as many months to go into bankruptcy.

My own belief is that while yes the internet has an impact it's the incessant liberal feeds that kill off the readers. Hey, the sports section can only retain so many people and classified readers as a whole can't pull them up either. Right or wrong..that's where I am.

nj_larry said...

MB any scuttlebutt from the floor of SHOT regards the FBI arrests of the 21 vendors?

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