Sunday, January 24, 2010


For those of you who missed my guest spot on AFTER ARMAGEDDON, it's now available on YouTube...this is the first can see the whole doc on the other 8 videos.


Rastus said...

9 meals from anarchy....I believe that. Have a plan and be prepared for it. If you are in the city you probably want a plan to get out...but you need a prearranged place to go and if you don't have one better be ready to stay a while.

There is no huge store of food just outside the city limits of every city in America....there just isn't. The stores will be barren in 2 days or less. People who live outside the cities...won't be sharing what they need to survive with strangers. A couple of dozen bodies at the fenceline decaying will be your warning.

You and 100,000 of your closest friends think you'll be able to live on wild game ...... fantasy ... if you haven't thought beyond that happy idiosm you won't have much of a future if a real disaster hits. You'll be enticed out of the cities by Gov't. Officials and Emergency Management so that they will have enough for they and their families....

That's the facts.

Michael Bane said...

My favorite thing that got left on the cutting room floor was when I said that I lived in one of the places that people plan to bug out TO, and that we have lots of ammunition, dynamite and a bit NO VACANCY sign...


Azul said...

Well that was depressing.

ericire12 said...

HaHa! They called you a "Journalist"

Michael Bane said...

You should have heard what they called me after I started talking about "major caliber battle rifles!"


Kansas Scout said...

Thanks for the heads up on the youtube version which I watched just now. I thought they did a good job and had it pretty well pegged. I agreed with most of their scenarios and outcomes. They did backhandedly acknowledge the crucial role firearms would play and the ever present assault rifle was present on film.

Bill Lester said...

It was a very well thought-out and produced show. I was very happy to see such a well known "gun guy" prominently featured. To be honest, it was surprising to see as much of a pro-gun statement as was included.

bluesun said...

I just get a kick out of the fact that the HISTORY Channel is doing speculative fiction.

Anonymous said...

They lost me a bit when they drank the "water" out of the radiator. They should have checked the hot water heater.

Interesting show, interesting not in that it was an in depth look at something many of us have thought a lot about, but interesting in that this is from a fairly "mainstream" network.

Are we all getting so depressed that it is no longer just us right-wing "survivalists" thinking that society could collapse?

Anonymous said...

I caught the Saturday night broadcast of "After Armageddon" on the History Channel (tHC) the weekend before last. I thought that the show was thought provoking and served to teach a few things. There was also a show called "Armageddon Man" that was shown that same week and it too had a few things worth knowing and condidering.
The BIG shocking thing to me was a commercial shown on tHC during "After Armageddon", that was by a group that allegedly "discusses" the history of our nation, especially it's founding. My antennas went up to "full', when they panned through the pictures of their "participants(?) and I'm sure that I saw Danny Glover's face. That alone caused me to be suspicious. Then, the ad' featured a young man saying something to the effect that there is much mythology regarding how and why our country was founded and that this group will allow others to discuss that and set the record straight. Excuse me, what in Hell are you taling about? The ad said that you could access this "group" through tHC's website and "join" the discussion.
Did anyone else see that? I haven't gone to the website, but might just do that. That was the only time that I saw the ad on tHC, and I watch it often. Maybe we should all stop that, if this is another Progressive history "cleansing".
Life Member

Unknown said...


I nearly gave up on the show after the woman shot the bad guy then DROPPED the only gun they had to protect themselves with.

THEN the husband walked off without picking it up.

The only one worth saving IMHO was the least he knew how to do something useful. 8-)

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Anonymous said...

it was good overrall but glossed over some important facts (like how critical electricity is and you'll need a source of power for some items - can use solar panels or and come on, who hikes in the desert in 100+ degree het during the day. you hike early in the morning and late day / evening. it was also interesting that the producers took the tack that the husband should not arm himself so as to not be perceived as a threat. ok, i buy that but how about a concealed weapon just in case....

Anonymous said...

The family portrayed were total knuckleheads and in all reality would not have been the people who survived global disaster. said...

I totally match with everything you've written.