Saturday, January 16, 2010

Monkey on the Range!

This is an actual photo of me shooting the Pawnee Station cowboy match outside of Ft. Collins this morning. You know The Force isn't with you when, on the first stage, you unknowingly launch your base pin latch downrange and, when the gun stops working and someone shouts, "Base pin!" you shoot the stage holding the base pin in the revolver with your left index finger. I managed to bumble through one more stage until my brain finally turned on.

I'm thinking MORE COFFEE! Or maybe I can just start on stage 3...


Eric said...

New mantra - instead of front sight, press it's base pin, press!

Uno (Monkey) Mas said...

Every one of us has shot a match with our inner monkey in firm control. It happens.

I had a match that I did everything but groom lice out of the TO's hair and fling poo at the spotters.

Flash Powder Hal said...

I love the Belt Mountain base pins that "lock" in with a hex screw. haven't had a single problem since I installed them.

Anonymous said...

I knew immediately that wasn't an actual photo of Michael shooting the Pawnee Station cowboy match. That gun's an autoloader. Michael would have to be shooting a single action revolver in a cowboy match.

Dave S. said...

Eh, don't feel bad. Whenever on see Jim Scoutten shoot on one of his shows, I swear it looks like he's never shot a gun before.

Anonymous said...

NO, NO, NO, NO, NO! It REALLY IS Michael! And the reason for not using a revolver is quite simple.

He's appearing "in character" for an upcoming DRTV episode titled "The Wild Banana Bunch".

The show's all about a group of turn-of-the-century primate misfits, out to wreck havoc on the international banana cartel with that new-fangled semi-auto technology!

Beaumont said...

Considering that the pistol in the photo is polymer-framed, it would seem that "the Wild-Banana Bunch" is in fact a current-affairs expose involving not only banana cartels but illegal recombinant DNA technology. Quick, alert Geraldo!

Anonymous said...

OMG, why hasn't anyone mentioned that the monkey isn't wearing any eye or ear protection. That is not Michael for sure!

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