Thursday, January 07, 2010

View Out My Office Window Right Now

Wily E. Coyote in full winter coat! The tree on the right is my "marker" 10 yard tree for my air pistol...hmmmmm...wouldn't he make a nice jacket?


Anonymous said...

Out here in the Republic of Texas coyotes are generally terminated with extreme prejudice wherever and whenever they are encountered. Generally speaking, however, they are a lot smarter than your average Joe and tend to be really good at Not Being Seen. I know a few county cattlemen's associations that will still pay a decent bounty for every set of coyote ears brought to them.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you were not going to shoot him with an AR because we all know that would be wrong

Jim Zumbo (not really)

Flash Powder Hal said...

He might make a good warm hat, but you'd need more like 4 - 5 average coyotes for a jacket.

At that range a .22LR would probably do him fine ~;-)

Anonymous said...

FYI...there are all sorts of cool coyote hunting vids on YouTube.

Haji said...

looks like you're really suffering, having to deal with that view. lol!

Anonymous said...

that looks like a bob cat to me

Anonymous said...

He would make a good floor mat....

Rick Bane

ericire12 said...

"that looks like a bob cat to me"

I thought so too until I clicked and saw the fullsize pic

Anonymous said...

After looking at the biger pic I can see that it is a coyote.

my bad

Phil said...

Mr. Bane, you live in heaven.

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