Friday, January 29, 2010

From My Pals @ DS Arms

Sadly, I didn't get over to the DS Arms booth at SHOT, but you know from the recent SHOOTING GALLERY that I'm a huge fan of the FAL fact, I'm buying a plain vanilla SA58 becaue I believe it is the best choice in a 7.62/.308 semiauto rifle out there right now, and heaven knows I've agonized over it enough!

You saw me shoot the SBR version of the DS short gas piston system FAL on SHOOTING GALLERY, but they didn't have the pistol version when I was up there. These photos from The Firearm Blog, BTW.

Interesting thing about pistol versions of battle rifles, and I think I'll be talking about this on next week's podcast...and yes, we've touched on it before, but I'd like to expand a bit. In short, I think the pistol-version rifles are becoming the defacto PDW in America.


Kris said...

I actually think that bullpups fit the bill of PDWs much better.

I'm not a bullpup fanboy by any means...the slower mag changes, the sub-par triggers, ejection issues for lefties. However my experience with my MSAR E4 (AUG clone) over the last year say that bullpups are GREAT for role of the handy personal rifle.

My 16" bbl AUG is shorter than a 10" bbl AR with collapsible stock, has a pretty good trigger and I've figured out the mag changes and am getting pretty fast. The geometry of bullpups make them emminently shootable...very little muzzle rise.

Plus, I get 16" ballistics and a full LOP stock versus trying to figure out how to hit something with a pistol config rifle.


Kris said...

Oh, and I LOVES me FALs too. I've got 2 DSAs...StG58A and a SA58 PARA.

Haji said...

Brother Michael, there were plenty of booths at SHOT that I couldn't find this year. I found most of the ones I was intending to, with the notable exception of Surgeon Rifles. Leaving comment cards in the common areas may not have been the most fun thing the NSSF could have done, but I know that they got a lot of input on the Show this year. I don't think it's gonna be particularly fun to sift through them, but they can't say nobody told 'em.

Dave S. said...

"In short, I think the pistol-version rifles are becoming the defacto PDW in America."

Sure. Because they combine the handiness, concealability and portability of a rifle with the stable firing platform of a pistol.

Honestly, these things are stupid. In what possible realistic scenario is this a sensible choice of weapon? Can you carry it around every day? If the boogedy "SHTF" situation actually arose, would it be better than a rifle?

Somebody once said, "You use the pistol to get to your rifle." Where do these mongoloid bastard creations fit?

I have to believe you're joking.

Michael Bane said...

Dave S., listen to the podcast tomorrow...I elaborate...honest, am not joking...


Dave S. said...

If you say so... Seems to me that shooting one of these things is like shooting a folding-stock rifle with the stock folded. Which is akin shooting a Glock sideways.

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