Friday, January 22, 2010


...for putting up with slow blogging! Every year I imagine I'm going to be posting tons of stuff the week I'm at SHOT...every year I don't. We do have an incredible amount of video to share with you over the coming weeks, and I'm going to start processing what I've seen starting next week. Basically, I had appointments every 30 minutes, with a couple of hours of autograph signing thrown in.

To all of you who stopped by, THANK YOU! Can't do this without you.

Saw some groundbreaking stuff I'll be talking about on the pods next week.

What I wanted enough to place purchase orders for:

• Bren Ten, 10mm
• Ithaca 1911, .45 ACP
• New locking gun case
• Mossberg ASAP Emergency Pack
• Dillon .50 BMG progressive press

And my "maybe but likely:"

• Robinson XCR, 7.62 X 39

More later....GOOD LORD I'm tired!

My feet hurt, too...


Geoff aka Pathfinder said...

You have what must be the best damn job in the world, and all you do is whine about your feet!

Seriously, I have done trade shows and it is a killer to stand and walk on that concrete all day.

Thank you, MB and crews, for the hard work and intense labor you put into these events. The excellent and exciting results you post and show on OC are the product of all that labor and pain.

Next year, TAKE ME!!!! I ain't a cute as Squibby, but . . . well, there is nothing to say after that. Just take me, I'll help.

Anonymous said...

10 "mule-a-meter" D&D; YES!!! Now all we need is a re-dux of the 10mm HK MP5! That would make a great CQB combination!
Life Member

Mickey3Gun said...

I know what you mean!! I was thankful of our 45 second "meet and greet" in the hallway. (I hope you made it back to Stagg Arms.) It was a great show, with more "gun porn" than any one person could possibly absorb in the time allowed.

And as a Californian, I was able to experience weaponry that I could only dream of owning. (Damn it...) The information available from all the vendors is staggering to say the least. And being able to talk with some of the actual weapons designers was inspiring as well as informative.

I can't wait till next year, and yes I'll be scheduling a longer visit next time. If you can go, you must go!

Kansas Scout said...

Tell us in your blog,(if you don't elsewhere) why you bought the Robinson XCR. How that works with a lefty.
It's interesting what you DID NOT buy.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see the postings on the podcast.

Loyalist said...

Looking forward to your blog entry and/or podcast on the Mossberg ASAP Emergency Pack!

Unknown said...

No XCR! I'm having a hard enough time finding the 7.62 version without having to compete with you!

RVN11B said...

I am sure others have said this REALLY pisses me off that I, a mere shooter, cannot attend the SHOT show.

(hint) HEY! Pay Attention! I am a potential customer.

Don't you want first hand customer reactions to your goodies??


nj_larry said...

RVN11B go to the NRA Annual Meetings (this year in Charlotte NC). All the gun makers are there and you can easily burn up 2 or 3 days between the floor and various meetings.

Michael Bane said...

PLEASE join us at the NRA Meetings in Charlotte!!!

I'm thinking of a DRTV Happy Hour!