Monday, January 25, 2010

Hitler Finds Out How Much the New Bushmaster ACR Costs


All kiddies close your eyes!!!

Still, I swear I laughed until I thought I was going to wet myself!

Okay, I pulled the video for language, but here's the direct link on YouTube.


Geoff aka Pathfinder said...

MB, there are at least 2 threads on DRTV for this video. And yes, if you don't wet yourself laughing, well, you're a better man than I, Gunga Din!

seeker_two said...

...and yet the AK rifles are still reasonably priced and live up to their hype... ;)

Louis said...

That video seemed to be instantly spread across all the gun forums that I frequent. I wonder how many have seen it at Bushmaster and Cerberus.

Kansas Scout said...

Bushmaster cost's $3000
Ruger and S&W costs $2000

All three beyond me.

At least Robinson is a "mere" $1500! After watching you on Armageddon, I might not care and put it on plastic just before TEOTWAWKI!!! It's all a matter of timing LOL!

Anonymous said...

If people would stop buying the overpriced weapons because they think they need the latest and greatest, the gouging would stop! My $275 Colt AR and my new $900 still do the job!

Anonymous said...

You can still build your own for a little less than some of the newer and higher-tech models. I was amazed at how many stripped lower receivers were in the display cases at Jay's Sporting goods in Clare, Michigan recently. They had many manufacturers represented. I also found build kits at some of the dot-com supply houses and Midway had some good uppers on clearance. Mag's are also now more available. I think that a good gun can be put together for about a "grand".
Life Member

Anonymous said...

At this point, it's clear to me that Bushmaster's pricing debacle of the ACR is the big news of SHOT 2010.

And it's all Bushmaster; Magpul likely feels just as annoyed as all the ex-ACR buyers do, and nobody is blaming them (although there's quite a bit of "I told you so!" being directed in their general direction).

I wouldn't want to be the poor schlub that thought up the ACR marketing/pricing plan at Bushmaster right now; completely out of touch with their customers!

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