Wednesday, January 06, 2010

TA-DA!!! The Weekly Video Podcast

And NOOOOOOO, we're not going to keep calling it "The Weekly Video Podcast!" This is just a beta test after all, and we don't have a "formal" name yet. You got any suggestions?

This is the format we're starting with, and so far, the response has been all we hoped! Right now, the Vlog is available in the following locations:

When we get out of beta, it will also be available on

Marshal and I, like rust, never sleep!


Pignock said...

Outstanding production! Are you going to v-blog teasers from the shot show?

Bill Rushmore said...

The video podcast is awesome! Well done.

I would like to see it as part of the regular podcast feed so I can watch it on my iPod easily.

Primeval Papa said...

Nice podcast. I look forward to more of the DRTV-VP

Mickey3Gun said...

What a great idea! Looking forward to tunning in each week. +1 on Bill Rushmore's comment. Keep up the outstanding work you two.

Kansas Scout said...

Very nice. I usually prefer print but I liked this too. I will never do the podcast to my Ipod as it uses too much memory on my filled Ipod.I really enjoy your blog

Jason M said...

Are you going to post it on iTunes along with Down Range Radio?

Not Available said...

Will you be able to record one these when you are on the road or must you be in the bunker?

Michael Bane said...

!) We WILL have the vlog available on iTunes, but probably not for the first couple of weeks while we struggle with some more basic problems.

2) We're definitely doing one from OUTDOOR CHANNEL's booth at SHOT. I've been experimenting with the dedicated camera in the laptop, so if worst comes to worst that's how I'll do it!

3) We will have TONS of video from SHOT, pumped up to DRTV and as close to Real Time as we can swing it.



Uno Mas said...

Verra good!

Sadltrmp said...

Great production.
Where are you on Facebook, can you add a link to FB.

iainmcphersn said...

Excellent! I look forward to what you can show us as well as tell us about.

On the Uzi pen, it would have been a good idea on their part to make the "DNA collector" also function as an AR-15 front sight tool. It could still collect DNA but would be even more tactical. :)

Keep up the good work!

Red said...

Like the video podcast! Needs to be longer though :) don't stop the audio podcast, I won't have anything good to listen to on my way to work.

Dave S. said...

"This is just a beta test after all, and we don't have a "formal" name yet. You got any suggestions?"

Well, you asked for it...

"No, I'm Not Newt Gingrich"

"The Safari Vest of Doom"

"The Armageddonum of Dr. Bane"

"Mikey B. and the Goateed Chromedomes"

Anonymous said...

The title for your vlog should be "The most depressing vlog in America"

How about just "Down Range with MB" for the title? Nice, simple and straight forward.


Hazcat said...

"Michael Banes' News from the Bunker"

dam doc said...

hopefully you will faitfully still do downrange radio? Please say yes!

Eric Schaffer said...

Very nice. I look forward to more.

nj_larry said...

MB I was wearing these colored glasses I got at the movie Avatar but I didn't see no 3D stuff in your Vlog. Waz up? Do I have to do something special to my computer? Do I have to buy anything special to get the 3D stuff?

ericire12 said...

Yes, but where are all the hot girls?

Tom said...

Nice, will you have it available in a format other than streaming? A _pod_cast implies that you can download it to your i_pod_ or other portable device to watch at your leisure.

seeker_two said...

I kinda like calling it "TA-DA!!! The Weekly Video Podcast".....

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