Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Good Day in General...

My first full eye exam after the surgery — looks like my right eye can be corrected to (pause for effect) 20/25...much better than even the best case scenarios. I'm pretty excited about this...I can't wait to start working the new vision on the range. I ordered new glasses today, and the new prescription goes to Decot Hy-Wyd tomorrow, and I'll talk to their experts at SHOT.

My Sweetie and I went to the range today to do some video on the Para Tactical Target know, the TTR does have a pretty impressive lack of recoil...not that the 5.56 is a pounder in any case. I ran a bunch of different flavors of ball through it, in P-Mags, C-Mags, Brownell's mags and some old military mags with no problems whatsoever. This is a fast, fast rifle. Also the folding stock is hands-down the best one I've ever used. Hopefully, we'll get the videos up before SHOT.

I also got the first rounds through my new Cimarron/Long Hunter 1866 Winchester .44 Special. Sweet! Great trigger pull and super-smooth short-stroked lever action. I did have one FTF with Winchester Cowboy, but I can heavy up the trigger just a bit. The Federal primers in my usual match rounds are a bit softer than the Winchester factory primers.

BTW, I have decided to suck it up and buy an FAL — the plain vanilla SA-58...I've always been crazy about the rifles and as many as I've shot, I've never owned one. I will put a scope on it, new eye or not. I'm thinking of using it in an Appleseed Project class...I think it's time to do an Appleseed event for SHOOTING GALLERY, don't you?


Eric said...

GREAT NEWS! Eye surgery FTW!

Anonymous said...

I caught "Shooting Gallery" tonight and it was about the FN Fal. Great show. This year's shows are the best ever, by the way.
The Fal by DS Arms was also great, especially in all of it's variations. If time would have permitted, a field-strip (of the GUN!) would have been nice.
I think that they've sold at least 2 more now. I'll bet a lot more will follow.
Life Member

Anonymous said...

Skip the snake oil Appleseed reduced range "class" and shoot a standard XTC high power match at 200,300, and 600.

Josh Bullock said...

Great news about your eye! Very glad to hear it.

Unknown said...

Come on up for our Appleseed in September, or the one in April. You can stretch it out to 900 if you want. Heck, you can compare it to my well used and beat a bit FAL.


Anonymous said...

glad your eye news is good

I got the DSA Austrian Steyr version of the FAL and have been completely thrilled with it...saved a few bucks too

Anonymous said...

I am convinced the FAL is the perfect platform for the Meopta Meostar....great red dot 1-4X

Anonymous said...

Very good news on your eye surgery.20/25 that's great!

Geoff aka Pathfinder said...

Michael, absolutely great news on the eye exam. I was watching you shoot left handed, went Huh? - and had to realize that was before the surgery.

Like you, I have always wanted an FAL, even going so far as to consider building one from a parts kit. Someday, maybe, a DSA is in my future.

If you run an FAL at an Appleseed, hope you have tons of surplus ammo stockpiled, as you will run through it! Hopefully the DSA won't ding up all of the brass like the pre-ban Galil I saw at one did.

ericire12 said...

Can you see me now!


atmiller said...

Coverage of an Appleseed would be great. I really got a lot out of the class that I took.

Kansas Scout said...

Glad to hear your eyesight is OK. Nothing could be worse than problems with that!
Keep us informed on the FAL project. I don't understand why they are soooo expensive.
Will yours be NIB? Quality?

Anonymous said...

Appleseeds rock

ewe a cook or a rifleman Mr Bane Sur!

Uno Mas said...



And maybe you could do a topic on corrective lenses for those of us that are gifted with nearsightedness and/or age. I'm thinking about having shooting glasses with the right dominant eye focused on the front sight, and the left at notmal distance vision. And what about Decot Hy-Wyd? Shooting glasses manufacturer.

Uno (20/1800 corrected to 20/20) Mas

Dave S. said...

Love the FAL, but I don't think our guys want it. Didn't the Israelis find it fussy in the sand?

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