Monday, January 11, 2010

Home From Tulsa Whirlwind...

Airport security tightens up!

...go ahead...ask me to say, "I'm Michael Bane and welcome to the all-new OUTDOOR CHANNEL.COM..." Okay, you can't go there yet, but when you can, well, there'll I'll be, pointing at this button or that tab. There's probably a website somewhere where you can see Mr. Weasel in all his (short) glory, since I kept getting shoved through full-body scanners at the airports. A few years back I hung out with this Israeli — Yes! Coming soon...our newest enemy! Israel! They like us...they support us...they don't want to blow themselves up on our airplanes! Let's bomb Tel Aviv! — security expert. We were were sitting around B-S'ing and he said, "You know American airport security isn't security, right? It's all theater for, what's the word you use? Shills?" Shills works. The worst part of the new "enhanced" security is that now all the players at the dinner theater think they're actually doing something other "Charlie's Aunt Redux."

Interesting conversation over at The View From North Central Idaho on pistol-style AR/AK firearms:
Can anyone fill me in on the particulars? Why an AK pistol, AR pistol, etc., other than the fact that the stocked version comes with the NFA hassles and tax for civilians? I mean; why are such pistols desired for defense and/or in combat? Or are they?
Joe's gotta point there...I love my Spike's 9mm pistol, which is a screaming hoot to shoot but not my first choice as teh ideal personal defense weapon. I suspect that most people end up with carbine-styled pistols because they don't want/can't go through the Class 3 song and dance.


DUDE said...

AR Pistol?
Was it because of a desire to avoid Class 3 hassles?
No! Have a number of tax stamp toys in the safe.

It was because I can, it pisses off hoplophobes, and it looks really cool! Oh Yeah!

Anonymous said...

I am building an AR pistol because it makes Harry Reid pee in his Depends and Nancy Peiosi refill her anti-anxiety prescription. Or so I am told in my fantasies. Plus, Diane Lane says it has a high CDI factor. Hey, I said it is my fantasy...


Dave Rose said...

Michael if you want to turn that toy into a real shooter put a single point sling on it. Adjust it so the buffer tube hits your chin where it would if it had a stock on it. Put your off hand at the end of the forend and push out against the sling. Tada. You end up with a really handy little gun. Not really a rifle, not really a pistol, but it works.

nj_larry said...

MB it's time you man up. You need to get hold of your cojones and start your own cable TV channel. If Patrick Gottsch can start the RFD channel and make a go of it, you can do the same with the Gunpowder Channel.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I post on Joe's blog as a guest, so there are two of us. Granted; Joe make the majority of posts, but that one was mine as you'll see in the headings.

Products as political, rather than purely market-based, designs abound. Firearms are only a minor example. Your house, your car, your toilet, your lawnmower and food lables are but a small sample. -- Lyle from UltiMAK

Anonymous said...

Man,nj_larry, you sure came up with a great thought, AGAIN! MB forming his own cable network. Maybe Michael can partner with Larry Potterfield. His sponsorship and your programs almost "own" the current channel now. What a great thought. You'd spend more time in town, maybe still not at home, but in town, producing shows from your own studio. I think that you've already got the audience.
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