Tuesday, January 05, 2010

MB on History Channel Tonight...the Most Depressing Man in America Strikes!

AFTER ARMAGEDDON, a History Channel 2-hour special documentary on life after a virulent flu pandemic, aired earlier and will air again tonight and several times this week. Here's the schedule.

I was one of the "experts" for the show...I got a call just before Christmas from the Times of London, who'd read the transcript...the reporter said I must be, "The most depressing man in America." Well, okay! Here's the scenario set-up, from RAWtv, the Brit production company who put the show together:
After Armageddon, the feature length drama documentary from RAW is being shown on The History Channel USA on Tuesday January 5th at 8pm and again on Wednesday January 6th at 12pm.

AFTER ARMAGEDDON tells the story of what happens to North America after it is devastated by a major flu pandemic, an unprecedented disaster which leaves 90% of the population dead. Based on hard scientific research and cutting edge disaster planning, this film shows just how close we are to the collapse of society as we know it.
Well, yee-ha, if that's the scenario you give me you gotta expect something less than sunshine and lollipops! I said, in essence, the survivors would be fighting over the scraps of the scraps. Sorry...


Bill Lester said...

It looked like a pretty decent show, from the bits n' pieces of the second hour I was able to watch. If anyone missed it, it will be replayed this coming Saturday evening.

Anonymous said...

Best show of it's kind I have seen over the years. Should be a wake up call for everyone. The references to Rita/Katrina really hit home. I wished that there had been more emphasis on preparations for self-defense, as well as this family choosing a firearm for home/personal protection. Emphasising that as illustrated, when the mass whordes are looting the house next door, this is not the time to start worrying about how he will protect the other family members.
Excellent show! I will order the CD.
R. Garney / Retired LEO/Trainer

Steve P said...

Michael your diet must be working you looked great on the show. The show was excellent(*****stars) and I only hope they show it several more times. It followed pretty much what I had read in "Patriots" and made a lot of sense. Now if we could only get the rest of the sheep ready!

Anonymous said...


I saw the show not knowing that you were on it... Then I heard this voice - one that I've instantly recognized, yet haven't heard in a while... I looked up and there you are, in an arresting orange-ish shirt!

Hope all's well,


Unknown said...


It was my wife that first saw that you were on the History Channel. What a great show and I hope an eye opener to the unifomred American Public. I must add that the "Best Defense" and other shows are really starting to impact my wife. At one point she looked at the screen and said, "Why are they not armed. Who do they expect will protect them?" I look forward to all of the new episodes of "Best Defense" and "Best Defense Survial". Any chance all of your work will end up on DVD? Again, thank you for all you do.

Michael Bane said...

One of the interesting things bout teh History Channel special is that it was a British crew, and until they hooked up with me they'd never even CONSIDERED the necessity of armed self-defense in a post-disaster scenario...honest!

When I mentioned "MBRs" — major caliber battle rifles (which didn't make the show, BTW) — they looked at me as if I'd come from Mars. When I told them I thought every family in America should have an AR, 10 mags and 1000 rounds of ammunition...well, you get the general idea.

I said that it didn't matter what you HAD, only what you could HOLD. I told them that as the pandemic took hold, I would anticipate open warfare in LA, with the gangs, especially MS-13, controlling a larger and larger segment of the city as civilian authority crumbled. The only way to survive would be to go to ground and strive for invisibility until you could get out.

I pushed them hard toward the Katrina and the Argentina currency collapse "models" because they are excellent examples of collapse in a First World environments.

Interesting project...I'm going to write up my impressions for DRTV later this week...


eeyore said...

Too bad there are only 25 hours in your day, Michael. This would have been a great time to co-promote your survival guns book update.

Michael Bane said...

RE: 25 hours, no kidding...I can never understand people who can't find anything to do...I have a list of stuff (yes, Don W., finishing FIVE TO GO) that are queueed up like planes over Atlanta...

• Finish FTG
• CCW DVD Series
• Syndicated radio show a la DOWN RANGE Radio
• Audio books on all my books
• New edition/preface for OVER THE EDGE
• A big gun book for a major publisher
• Public speaking for The Cause
• A coffeetable-style book based on SHOOTING GALLERY and my favorite guns
• A top 10 finish in a cowboy match...

Sigh...you know what they say..."aim for the stars, and if you miss at least you'll hit the Hindenburg...


Anonymous said...

Good show and thanks for making it. Perhaps it will wake up lots of people who think "Something like this could never happen"

I prepare for disasters myself, and hope that by helping others prepare when and if something like this DOES happen, it will lighten the impact.

My wife who isn't as into preparedness as myself, wanted to smack the wife in the show for dropping the gun after shooting the gang member.. I had to laugh, how far she has come in the world of preparedness. She used to just tolerate me, now she asks questions and is way more involved.

Thanks for the show, things like this make me feel a bit less "crazy" for stocking up and being prepared for, God forbid, a scenario just like this.

Anonymous said...

I just saw the history channels after Armageddon, last night,I confess I never heard about you, and this morning decided to Google you. Well I was pleasantly surprised by your blog, very informative, during the special I was being interrupted by my wife (who cares not one wit) about survival and my son who is 3 years old and cares not one wit about anything but playing. When your segmements came on I turned the volume up so that I can hear what you said. You see I am very interested in this type of scenario because I am a first responder in NYC, and everything you said is right on. What curls my hair is the fact that it only takes 3-4 days for a collapse of civil control. are you going to expound on your theories in a later blog or hopefully a book?? I can't get your channel on NYC t.v. so I have to make do with internet and books. Tis the pain of being in America's most liberal city. Thanks for the information.

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