Tuesday, October 02, 2012

A Cheery Read!

From Matt Bracken, former Special Forces guy and author of the ENEMIES FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC series of novels. Yes, it's grim...read the whole thing:

So, we have millions of men and women with military training, owning rifles similar to the ones they used in combat operations overseas from Vietnam to Afghanistan. Many of these Soldiers and Marines have special operations training. They are former warriors with experience at conducting irregular warfare and counter-terrorism operations in dangerous urban environments. They are the opposite of unthinking robots: their greatest military talent is looking outside the box for new solutions. They always seek to “over-match” their enemies, using their own advantages as force multipliers while diminishing or concealing their weaknesses. These military veterans are also ready, willing and able to pass on their experience and training to interested students in their civilian circles.


shawn w said...

thanks for the heads up on this.

BBJohnnyT said...

That may be scenarios which play out all over the place. But then you temper this with all of the documented reports of sworn law enforcement officers who made widespread illegal confiscations right after Katrina. If something like this actually plays out, there will probably be a mix of the two. But in my experience, authority and power corrupts, even among peace officers. One thing is for sure, it not be pretty.