Monday, October 15, 2012

Sweater Weather!

Yes, it's time to imitate Jimmy Carter (oooooooweeeee, yeech!) and don your favorite fall sweater...of sweatshirt, as the case may be. It's also an excellent time to check out one of my favorite methods for concealed carry -- the sweater holster. Actually, the late Lou Alessi used that phrase to describe a cross draw holster he made for my Colt Mustang decades ago. "Wear it about 2 inches off your centerline," he said. "One of the quickest holsters ever made."

He was right, and I still have that holster. This weekend I put the Sig P938 9mm into service using a Blocker cross draw (24XD Concealment) under a long-tailed "waffle" henley t-shirt...perfect! Hiking, driving, just sitting around, it's like the gun wasn't there.

There are some other excellent "sweater holsters." Pocket Concealment Systems has one based on the Alessi design, and there are others out there. I believe a DeSantis "Sky Cop" would work if it's available for the new generation of little pistols. With the cross draw, extra rounds for the primary go in the left pocket (until my next package for Wilderness Tactical arrives), 2nd gun, the LCP, stays in the right pocket.


_DonWorsham_ said...

In which pocket do you keep your keys and money?

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