Saturday, October 27, 2012

Tonight's Wine Choice...

Paraiso Vineyards Pinot Noir...a very mild pinot matched with chili'ed salmon and Greek veggies. I visited Paraiso last time my Sweetie and I were in Monterey, and I liked the pinot a lot.

To tell the truth, I didn't do jack today. I got back in town Friday night from filming the last of THE BEST DEFENSE scenarios, where I had the opportunity to be beaten to death with a crowbar. In scenario 2, I did get to cap Janich, who cried piteously...piteously, I tell you! I worked a little on the music of upcoming DOWN RANGE Radio podcasts, then shot a bunch of the new Gemtech ultra-quiet .22s off my front porch. They were quiet! I'm going to be talking more about them on the podcast.
Quieter than CCI "Quiets," BTW. I got my Glock G19 slide back from L&M Precision Gunworks in Prescott with the Trij RMR installed. They do great work! Mike Seeklander and I talked a lot about red dot-sighted defensive pistols when we were together this week, Her's got an M&P with Trij sights done by David Bowie. and he agrees with Bill Rogers and Chris Edwards that the dots are probably the future of defensive pistols. i'm talking to Leupold next week about their DeltaPoint sights. They are a big sponsor — see, I always tell you! — and I'm interested in getting their sights on either another G19 or a Ruger SR9.

BTW, I'm been flipping through Seeklander's new book on defensive pistol. YOUR DEFENSIVE HANDGUN TRAINING PROGRM. I've been lucky to work with some of the best instructors ever, and I think Mike S. has done something unique here. He has quantified a training program that allows you to train yourself without spending the big bucks on a high-zoot instructor (although trust me, we'll take your money!). There's been a meme on the Internet that you can't successfully defend yourself without spending big bucks on training. That is patent nonsense. I cannot recommend Mike S.'s bok enough.

BTW BTW,  speaking of great trainers, I had lunch with Marty Hayes, our legal expert on TBD and the founder of Firearms Academy of Seattle, and he had some very interesting insights on cabler choice for self-defense handguns based on his work as an expert witness in civilian self-defense shootings. That's going to be a big part of next week's podcast, so, hey, tune in! And if you aren't a member of the Armed Citizen Legal Defense Fund, you should be! I think what Marty and Gila and Massad are doing is changing the whole game for armed civilians. I'm a member, and you should be, too.

We WILL be filming the studio segments of SHOOTING GALLERY in the Denver area in late November. I'm aiming for 100 tickets available, but not sure whether we can hit that. You get to come to the studio filming and get our SWAG (from CNN...Stuff We All Get) bag of goodies, worth a minimum of $100 and I hope much more. I'm also working with my sponsors to get a few guns to raffle off to the audience members. As soon as I have details and how you can get a ticket, we'll be publishing it here and on DRTV. As always, DRTV members have priority for tickets. And as always, I'll be buying the adult beverages for our audience! 


Anonymous said...

Noir means "Black" Pinot is French for "crap in a bottle"
Speaking of Trainers, this weeks "Weirs Times" (a NH conservative weekly paper) Had an article about training at the Sig Academy.
One major fail was that while women students were prominently featured, there was not one mention of women trainers .
Tom B.

nj_larry said...

While the East Coast gets the worse of it, there are those out there who still live the life of honor. Who serve. What role models they are. From the Tomb of the Unknown this morning...

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