Wednesday, October 24, 2012


This is about the time in the production cycle when things begins to grind a bit, at least for me. I've been out for more or less 4 months on 3 shows, including the 6 weeks of 5 days out, 1 day in. I know we'll have to push through pretty much until Christmas. HO HO HO on dat! I've got about a solid week of range work to get done before winter sets in hard, and I'm trying to figure out when that happens. I'm going to join an indoor range that's about an hour or so from the Bunker and try to keep things moving over the winter.

I'm doing the paperwork for a couple if more suppressors from GEMTECH, including a 5.56 version for the house AR from Spike's. I also need to pop the money for an SBR in .300 Blackout.

Sigh...going to bed now. Early call tomorrow...

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