Saturday, October 06, 2012

Brother Steven on James Bond's PPK

Steven Hunter, writing in WaPo, on James Bond's signature piece:

Fleming presumably made his choice of weapon on the basis of design alone. And indeed, the PPK (in German it stands for “short police pistol”) is a cool little beauty. It looks like Nietzschean poetry in steel, with a thrust of decadent Weimar art moderne to it. And it is Weimar, the latest thing from 1931, with its radical double-action design. It’s light, thin, designed for undercover work, meant to be carried a lot and shot a little. It was already old-fashioned by the time Connery got his in ’62.

You know, I think we might include the PPK in GUN STORIES Season 3 just because I love to hear Steve nail it!


Anonymous said...

PPK and large hands = bloody chewed up hand after fireing one magizine of ammo

Unknown said...
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Driften said...

I had a Walther PP many years ago and it never bit me and the recoil was not very bad in 32acp like the PPK in the Bond books and movies were. The single action trigger was nice, but the double action was heavy but smooth. Maybe the PPK had a different trigger since it was a shorter frame then the PP and that might have affected the trigger weight.

I am actually getting the bug to get one again.

I think the Walther PP/PPK would be a great addition to Gun Stories.

Eric said...

If you're going to the PPK, why not devote a show to the Walther P.38?

BBJohnnyT said...

How about a segment on popular and obscure guns used in espionage? Maybe a visit to the International Spy Museum in D.C.?