Friday, October 19, 2012

Have Successfully Pulled the Lever...

...and am now cracking a well-deserved bottle of wine (Balletto Pinot Noir rose to go with my Sweetie's homemade tomato soup and cornbread). I also continued work on the autumnal ammo inventory. I discovered that I'm in good shape on .22LR and 9mm, but deep in the hole on 5.56. We've been doing more on ARs on the shows, plus I've just been shooting ARs more. As a consequence, my 5.56 supply has taken a serious hit. Will be fixing that over the next few weeks.

Hope to get in a cowboy match this weekend. I've got a different set of cowboy pistols, the Slick McClade/Jason Robinson Blackhawks in .357 I'd like to give a try. I'll run them on one stage and see how they rock.

I've got to overhaul a Glock this weekend, which'll be fun. I also have one of the 1911s in .22 TCM's a 40-grain .223 cartridge at about 2000fps. Be a hoot to test that one out!


Overload in Colorado said...

Will yours come with the 9mm barrel too?

rastus said...

Cool on the TCM. I didn't know it you stated 2000 fps that puts it just ahead of the 5.7 with the same size bullet. I was just bitchin' the other day about the dang trigger on the Five SeVen and how I wished it was better. (Any references to someone who can fix one?)

This may be the answer.

You know, I stick with the 5.7 for home defense because it doesn't go through two walls, a door and and toaster and hit the neighbor next door. This TCM should do the same thing.

Let us know how it goes and who is producing such a beastie. I like my 5.7...but I know of nothing in a pistol that shoots it other than the Five Seven and heck, something just like it or a bit better in a 1911 frame...does it get any better than that for inside the home defense?

Guns are a tool...but they are part of the system...the bullet is another part and it looks like this is a good system for in the house with children behind walls to consider. And that is not to say one can count on a wall ever stopping a round...just that this round should attenuate effectiveness out more rapidly in a wall then other rounds.

I always thought it would be most KEWL to have a Ruger 10/22 in 5.7x28...I'm just sayin' for a truck kind of a rifle it amps it up a bit.

On the big boomers hope you get to take that 45/70 to Africa. I read an article a few years ago about one that made it there and it performed very well. The ph was skeptical at first, but it got respect as a round and the lever action it was in gained ph acceptance. Wish I had gotten the 45/70 instead of the and learn.

JohninMd(help!) said...

So, as an inquiring mind, what would you consider a standard load-out in the Bunker's ammo locker? How much of that's "job" related? any idea what "sufficent" would be if you were not in the industry? Curious minds wanna know!! (Also jealous as hell). B-)

Michael Bane said...

JohninMD. probably not a fair question! I began shooting bullseye in the mid-1970s, "combat" pistol in '79, 3-gun in the early '80s. Ammo is my bread and butter. Also keep in mind that I'm fundamentally paranoid...I knew Mel Tappan, the uber-survivalist, personally, and we did talk ammo on occasion.

I think it makes sense to keep 1000 rounds minimum ammo for "working" guns, that is, your primary concealed carry gun, your home defense pistol and rifle, your favorite hunting rifle, etc. A percentage of those rounds (25-30% say) should be in premium ammo for the specific purpose of the gun; the rest ball/shootin' ammo.

There probably hasn't been a day in my life that I didn't have a brick of .22LR ammo. Given its low cost, 5K of .22 isn't a big deal in terms of price (less than $300) or storage size. I usually buy .22s on sale; I've gotten 5K of Federal Gold Medal Match, one of my favorite .22s, for $275.

Ditto on shotgun shells...there has always been a case (250) of 12 gauge birdshot in the house, plus at least 50 rounds of #00 and a few boxes of slugs.

Middle Man said...

22TCM is a real hoot. Plenty of muzzle blast to put a smile on your face and so little recoil you may just giggle at the sublime nature of the experience.

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