Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Herding Cats

Spent yesterday either talking on the phone or rounding up AR parts for our SHOOTING GALLERY builds. The ATI Omni lower is pretty interesting. It looks good (and boy, is it light!), but the question remains of how a polymer lower will handle the stress of a lot of rounds. Of course, the gun we're building, the break-down, is not intended as an everyday plinker, but we'll shoot the crap out of it anyway.

Today is podcast day, so as soon as I finish with the blogpost I'll head up to the studio. Couple of other things on the agenda today...at the IDPA Nationals I bought one of the Bob Vogel Glock Trigger from GlockTriggers, and I want to put it into our crash-test-dummy Gen 4 Glock 19. Unless my Sweetie commandeers the Glock for her impending 3-Gun run, it's slated to go out to TSD Combat Systems for a red dot sight transplant. I am convinced that red dot optics on a pistol for concealed carry is a coming thing. I want to set up a Glock and my FNP .45...we'll show you how they work on SG.

I'm also heading to the range when I finish up at the Bunker. I want to put more rounds through the Sig Sauer P938, and I'm breaking in a new pair of cowboy pistols...or, rather, my overhauled pair of .357 Blackhawks I got about a decade ago. They've now got 4-inch octagonal barrels (looks cool!) and a brass front sight blade. I'm looking for a few good seconds here.

Although, to be honest, at least in my cowboy shooting there are seconds to be found with the rifle. I finished in the top-10 again last weekend against some really really good shooters. Once again, I was consistent but not as fast as I know I can be. I went through a spell of missing a lot of rifle targets, and I backed off my speed with the rifle to guarantee the hits. It is darn hard to ratchet the speed back up! Practice practice practice!

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Richard said...

I've got one of the ATI Omni lowers now and I have a mixed impression of it. I like the idea of an inexpensive polymer lower to make AR-style rifles accessible to more people.

However, mine is tight. Too tight it seems. I can only get one of my uppers to mount to it, and then just barely. Some people seem to have no problem with them, while others are finding them to be too tight/slightly out of spec.