Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Obama Calls For Reintroduction of Assault Weapons Ban

I'm thinking "no."


nj larry said...

Good to see Mitt answer that question so definitively pro gun...LMFAO

Anonymous said...

I think Yomama lost the election on the answer to this question. For an AWB, FOR more regulation on handguns.

DamDoc said...

We will see how you are LMFAO if this guy gets re-elected.. the difference, although not elegant on that point, is pretty clear..

kmitch200 said...

You guys just aren't seeing the big picture.
Glorious Leader and Company have already built their antigun Utopian Paradise - Chicago.

Just because Michael so eloquently named it "Mogadishu on Lake Michigan" doesn't mean the plan wouldn't work nationwide.
Chicago just didn't have enough funding and didn't have the manpower to cordone off the city kick in every door for a search.

Glorious Leader will make sure it's done right this time and you WILL be happy.

nj larry said...

Doc...I am gonna pull the lever for the Mittster. Although it will not matter in my state. My decesion is based on a dozen issues where the POS in the white house is destroying this country, its constitution, and its social fabric. But that doesn 't make me feel any better about how good a friend mitt is to the 2a community.

Anonymous said...

Congressman Romney started out by saying there need be no additional legislation. However, when noted that he did sign an assault weapon ban in Massachusetts, he changed his story, indicating that there needs to be a compromise between pro and anti. At that point, I hung my head in disappointment not only by his answer, but also by his dodging of that fact. At the very least, President Obama was honest and to the point about his intent to reinstate an AWB. Is the second amendment safer should Congressman Romney be elected? Maybe. However, I'm more on edge and skeptical after yesterday's debate.

nj_larry said...

If you missed the debate, or want to review the subject Gun Control/F&F discussion, here is the link on CSPAN. Fast forward to 1:16:10


cj said...

And with that, the pawn shop near me just pulled out the Sharpies, crossed off the 'hundreds' digit on all the semi-automatic rifles, and bumped them up by 2. Exactly like they did after Obama was elected.

Matthew said...

anon @ 7:16

The AWB Gov. Romney signed had been modified, via compromise, by the pro-gun groups in Mass to fix a bunch of other anti-gun issues in Mass law. In that case the best solution was a political compromise to make a bad bill better, because it was going to pass one way or another.

If you can't win outright, prudence says to compromise and work incrementally to limit damage.

But Congress today is very different on guns than the Mass legislature was then, and national public opinion on guns today is vastly different than Mass public opinion was when MA's AWB passed.

So Romney is unlikely to be in that same kind of no-win position as President.

Sebastian at "Shall Not Be Questioned" (pagunblog.com) has a good history.

Anonymous said...


Thank you for the reassurance; mitigation was probably the best course of action given the circumstances. Even though it was a no win situation as you described it, at least there was some good that came from it. If only similar things were happening in my State of New York.

My skepticism has been suppressed. Thanks again.


George said...

It's old news about Obama supporting an AWB - he hasn't changed his position in at least 4 years on this issue.

However, the bigger news is Romney's tepid answer on the 2A. I have to tell you he worries me.

Please keep in mind Romney is a deal maker. He has been one all his life. His professional career revolves around his ability to bring two sides together to get a deal done. I sense from his answer last night and in the past he views gun rights/control as a negotiable item. It's really not that big a deal to him. He will be willing to hand the Dems a few apples (our 2A rights) to get a much bigger orchard (tax/deficit reduction) from them.

If Romney wins, we will have to be even more vigilant than when Barry the Usurper came into office. If we are not careful he will slide some "common sense gun control" right by us and we'll never see it coming.

I hope I am wrong but the only thing I have to go by is his past behavior. To quote Richard Flint, "remember behavior never lies."

Anonymous said...

We need to get Romney into the Whitehouse. We need to bolster the House of Representatives with more Republicans. We MUST take back the Senate from the Democrats.

Then, it will be far easier to restore Constitutionality to our Nation.

Life Member

Kristophr said...

Obama knows he has lost this.

He is positioning himself for a job after the election.

After you have electrocuted yourself, and you heart has stopped, you can pee on that third rail all you want.