Saturday, October 13, 2012

Meanwhile, Back @ Winter

I sort of had fantasies about going to the range today and doing a little AR work...cold, wind and rain have pretty much trashed that fantasy. Oh well, I've got about a billion things to do down in the gun room, not the least of which is putting stuff away after a week of filming. I have, BTW, discovered a major difference between green and red lasers. While your average red laser can provide hours of fun for a cat, a green laser drives them (well, at least Pokkee-san the Tailless Manx) bonkers. I can almost get him to run up a wall, which is pretty unusual for a "ground cat" like a Manx. And no, I'm not pointing the gat at the cat...I've got a CT green laser on a G19 frame that's lying around the house waiting for the slide to get back from L&M Machining with its Trij RMR.

I really want to get my suppressed Ruger Charger sighted in — right now it's got an Aimpoint Mini in it. It is a fun gun to shoot, and next spring should contribute to the Ground Squirrel Apocalypse in my Sweetie's garden. Probably would work on the occasional coyote as well. Weirdly, we haven't seen any foxes around the Secret Hidden Bunker for months. There are even bunny rabbits hopping around, something that doesn't usually happen when the foxes are on the job. I haven't seen any coyotes, though, and they usually aren't shy. Maybe a mountain lion prowling around, which sends the foxes scattering.

I note with interest that the Heizer "Double Tap" 2-shot derringer has hit the rocks. The protos were darned interesting little guns, and I hope they figure out a way to get it to market. Stranger things have happened...I would have never figured that the Boberg XR9 would get to market, and I was totally wrong about that.


Anonymous said...

The "Double-Tap" looked like a good concept. Guns and Ammo Mag' did an article on it. The targets looked like the rounds "key-holed" at 7 yards. Not good, even for a "belly gun".

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