Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Big Medicine Indeed

I think Doug Turnbull may have made me a believer about his .475 TURNBULL lever action rifle cartridge. It's a 50-110 shortened and necked down to .475 to take advantage of the plethora of .475 cartridges. Think 400 grains at anywhere from 1800 to 2100+ fps. Ouchies!

Shoots great out of his 1886 lever guns...recoils isn't NEARLY what you might expect from a thumper like this. Brass and loaded ammo from Corbon. Heck of a gun all around!


James said...

$9.75/cartridge from ammo-one. Or Midway's cheaper Cor-Bon version for $100/20rnd box. Hehe. Yeah, nope.

Overload in Colorado said...

Do the shortened rounds allow more rounds to be loaded in the rifle?

Anonymous said...

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