Friday, October 05, 2012

Snow Last Night... at the Secret Hidden Bunker, after a day where the temperature never got above 30 degrees. Tomorrow is supposed to be bitter, which throws into question whether I'm going to get up at O-Dark-30 and go shoot a 3-gun match.

BTW. am posting this om Firefox, which I actively dislike as a browser, because Safari's newest edition has a conflict with Blogger, because Blogger is owner by Google and Apple hates hates hates Google. Sigh.

I was pretty pleased with RAPID FIRE. I think Iain and Mike S, are wonderful personalities and the show moved right along. There are some midcourse corrections I'm going to make to make the show even better.

I did get out to the range with my AR for an afternoon of work, and it was fun. Glad I did because in the last 2 trips the scope has been taken on and off numerous times, and the zero has wandered all over the place. I need to get a torque wrench to keep putting scopes back on guns! I am enjoying shooting the AR more and more, which means there are more 3-gun matches in my future.

I also tried running the little Sig P938 the same way I'd run a larger gun in a match. LOL! Michael need to pay more attention when the gun is jumping around in his hands!

I'm also building up a coupleo of red-dot sighted "practical" a Glock 19, the other my FNP-45. Both Mike Seeklander and Chris Edwards from Glock have been telling me that this is the future, and if that's the case, I'm way behind the curve! And BTW, I still got no truck with "USPSA "Open" Division!


Anonymous said...

Which red dot are you using for the G19? Last stuff I saw was only race-gun sized.


Tim Covington said...

If you like Safari, you need to look at Google's Chrome or Opera. Both are great browsers. Firefox has become to bloated and is not as good as it once was.

BBJohnnyT said...

Agreed. I used to love Firefox but it became a total bloated and buggy PITA. I reluctantly switched to chrome 6 months ago and am totally glad I did.

Anonymous said...

Which 3 gun match is this and where?

DamDoc said...

Better yet, dont make the most recent ipad/iphone op system upgrade.. dont fix it or you WILL break it! Lots of folks have been saying to resist the upgrade...

Anonymous said...

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