Wednesday, August 02, 2006

A Few Political Notes You May Have Missed

Sorry for my absence from posting yesterday...I had to finish the formal written proposal for the handgun hunting show, BIG BORE CHRONICLES. It is going to rock — bit scary game up close and personal, show in the high-quality style of SHOOTING GALLERY and COWBOYS. There's nothing even remotely like it out there!

Assuming, of course, I can get it green-lighted.

Anyhow, there are a couple of interesting political points worth looking at today. From the Washington Times, some notes on a failed "social experiment:"
Consider these eye-opening FBI and Metropolitan Police Department statistics: Since 1976, when the District of Columbia imposed its ban on guns, the city's murder rate, which had been declining, started to increase; between 1976 and 1991 it rose 200 percent, while the U.S. murder rate rose just 9 percent.
This goes to the heart of my argument that "gun control" isn't about "gun control" at all...even Sarah Brady, who's certainly not the sharpest knife in the drawer no matter what Katie "Our Lady of the Manolos" Couric thinks, is smart enough to realize that gun control is always a failure...the examples at this point are legion. Look to England, where the great social experiment of "all people are equally valuable, including human vermin" and "all violence, except violence conducted by the state, is equally reprehensible and punishable by the state" for some hints!

Meanwhile, over at the Shooting Wire, Jim Shepherd has a fascinating piece on the ATF's absolute silence about NYC Mayor Michael "No Paint in NYC!" Bloomberg's poaching on their turf, essentially reaching a settlement with out-of-state gunshops (read the news story here) after Bloomberg and his cadre of unethical private dicks who are definitely not sex machines with all the chicks staged an illegal raid into Georgia (the state; not the Eastern European country!):
If you or I did what Bloomberg and his private detectives did, we'd be looking at the possibility of a visit to a federal correctional facility. Had law enforcement done it, defense lawyers would simply say "entrapment" and any case would be headed out of court in near-record time.

But if the Mayor of New York does it, it appears to be a different matter.

Here are some points to consider:

1) New York City has no jurisdiction in Georgia - and there is no evidence linking the two Georgia pawnshops to New York City.
2) Bloomberg has interfered in a minimum of 18 ongoing criminal investigations.
3) Not one administration official has stood up to defend the AFT.

Instead of telling Bloomberg to mind his own business or stop acting like a Junior G-Man, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms (ATF) is strangely mute. Observers admit being confounded as an agency with a reputation for being "ferocious" when its turf is threatened, continues to stand around impotently listening as Bloomberg accuses them of being "asleep at the switch" and "incapable of doing their jobs." Not exactly the kind of behavior expected from the same agency that continues attempts to shut down legitimate gunsmiths by reclassifying custom gun work as "manufacturing."
I don't know...maybe this is a good precedent. Maybe I can persuade the mayor of the little bitty town I live in to join me and a few friends for a raid into the seething, steamy heart of New York City so we can kidnap chef Bobby Flay and force him to open a restaurant here. We've got enough hardware to hold off Boom-Boom Bloomberg and his Army of Sleazy Dicks at least until Bobby gets the grill fired up.


Anonymous said...

I will forgive you...I know the new show is going to be a hit...Will my Ruger .357 GP100 qualify as a Big Bore? by the way good post, enjoy reading your Blog daily...

Rick Bane

Michael Bane said...

I'm gonna have to give you a BIGGER GUN, Cousin Rick!

If it doesn't recoil enough to cause brain damage in laboratory rats — and you have no idea how hard it is to get a rat to hold a piece that's not made of cheese! — it ain't big bore enough.

Thanks, bud!


Not Available said...


You need to start dropping hints about the new show. Sure it's still on the story board and will be months before the first episode hits the air waves, but hey, someone, somewhere on the internet will create a site dedicated to the coming show.

They will talk about who might be the star, who the quests will be, which guns will be featured, where the episodes will be filmed.

They'll have behind the scenes footage and outtakes. There will be a forum for all to discuss the when, the where, the who and the how.

It'll be the biggest thing to hit the internet in years!

Anonymous said...


One has to wonder if this week's ATF director resignation is a related event.

Just thinkin.