Wednesday, October 17, 2012


And dog tired! Will do a longer post tomorrow, vis-a-vis both B-HO coming out of the closet ans some mo' gun stuff,

BTW, re: commenters on the .475 TURNBULL, when you start playing with the big boomers, it gets expensive quick. I love my 450-400 3-inch Ruger #1, but every time I pull the trigger it's like shredding $5 bills...$123 per 20 Hornady rounds. The reloading components are equally expensive. Hell, the dies cost about 3 times as much as normal dies! And that's cheap compared to the big Nitro cartridges. On par with shooting .50 BMG or .338 Lapua Match.

The shorter .475 TURNBULL will give you more rounds in a lever platform...mostly it's efficient, a sweet spot cartridge.


Tom from Roanoke said...

Regards to Alf, you said on a previous podcast you had news about her but didn't elaborate. Oh, and I always use gun blogs to find jewelry websites!

Michael Bane said...

Interesting about those spam posts...most of them are from China. Marshal thinks they're test runs from Chinese war hackers running test patterns across the board. They're for sure NOT about jewelry...LOL!

Alf had a pretty tough week.One of the neighborhood dogs, who wasn't on a lead, attacked Alf (who, of course was on lead) and took a chunk out of her left hip before my Sweetie rescued her. She got 6 staples to close the wound. We filed a police report ad had the animal declared "vicious." The owners we forced to pay Alf's vet bills and will pay a fine in court. I spoke to the neighbors and explained in simple, easy to understand language, what the consequences of untrained, vicious dogs off lead would be.

Alf had the staples out Tuesday and has bounced back to her normal Free Range Beagle self!


Robb Harbaugh said...

Regarding ammo prices: I shoot a .460 Weatherby, or rather, I USED to shoot it. Currently, Cabela's wants $145 dollars for a box of 20. I feel your pain (literally and figuratively). My solution is cast bullets (brass lasts longer), and a whole lot of Trail Boss (BIG case). Shoulder and wallet feel better.

kmitch200 said...

Boomers. You have a gun that shoots a round that would bankrupt a rich man, kicks so hard that retina damage is an issue if you could afford to really practice with it and DON'T live where there is Cape Buffalo????

I understand wanting something just because its possible. I also understand why guides would rather see a well used 30-06 than a brand new 338 Weatherby in the hands of their clients.
There is REAL damage that can be done to the human body from cumulative recoil.

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