Friday, May 15, 2015

A Generally Icky Day on the Range

Some days just don't work out like you want. My Sweetie's Pride-Fowler scope completely tanked from leakage. It is 10+ years old, so what can I say? I slapped on a scope I had handy, but it just didn't work out for her.

I ended up fitting my DoubleStar 3C ultra-light with an Aimpoint T-1 and a 3X magnifier for sight in. It took a little fiddling with those tiny Aimpoint knobs, but I eventually got the reference group in the place I wanted. With WW White Box ball I was running a little better than 1/2 inch at 25 meters. With real ammo I could do better, I think. Then I did a 10-shot run at 25 yard offhand with the little carbine all slung up (my RifleCraft sling) and was very pleased with the results...I gave up 6 points, but I was firing pretty fast.
With my Sweetie's rifle down, we'll pass up the Appleseed this weekend and schedule another one next month. I think I'll stick to the C3/Aimpoint combo for my part.

BTW, my old friend Bruce Towsley, who is a fine 3-Gun shooter in his own right, has a good article in SHOOTING ILLUSTRATED on building light-weight ARs. This article is on building a light-weight while keeping the price down. An early article by Bryce was a no-holds-barred lightweight build. As you all know, I think the DoubleStar 3C is an incredible value…it weights 5.5 pounds without sights and is rock solid with the Ace 7-inch entry can get a longer stock if you want. I thought about the longer stock, but the Aimpoint is pretty forgiving on its eye-box. The 3C MSRPs at $1620, but I've seen it with a street/auction price as low as $1050.

And if you ready yesterday's post, you know DoubleStar is a sponsor of AMERICA'S RIFLE. Bryce…naw, he's just a friend.

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