Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Gonna Finally Get Some Handgun Shooting In...

...hopefully with a Sig Sauer 320.

Seems almost anticlimactic, since I haven't shot a 3-Gun match this season. The rain has washed away a lot of the competitive events on the Front Range, and work precludes me shooting the He-Mans again this year. Sigh. High season for work s high season for work. GUN STORIES, SHOOTING GALLERY and AMERICA'S RIFLE are in production right now, THE BEST DEFENSE will be coming in July and SHOOTOUT LANE in September. That's not to mention a new series we're taking to pilot in June and an additional series I'm in the process of constructing.

OTOH, I know a lot of unemployed television producers...n'uff said!

I have started working with my Ruger #1 in is a fun gun to shoot, and the Hornady Leverevolution rounds have dinged some of my steel.

More later!


Anonymous said...

"OTOH, I know a lot of unemployed television producers...n'uff said!"

Yep, I bitched to my accountant how busy I was and she reminded me how many of her former small business clients have decided to go to work for others, or are broke.

At 60 I was hoping to be sitting on my rear more often but it seems Washington is making life more expensive...thus I still work.

PlzenPlinker said...

Just caught up with the 5/27 podcast- Thanks for the Green Turtle Edge of the Earth reference!