Thursday, May 07, 2015


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Anonymous said...

We must understand that when the Left says Freedom of Speech they really mean Freedom Of Their Speech. Yours do not count as it is not compatible with the parameters they established.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking of this the other night. I conclude that those about to be murdered that they should in unison rise up to head butt them cowards while in the kneeling position. Of course that would obviate that neutral photographers are their to witness...and that won't happen because these cowards must control their narrative.

Just shoot 'em on site.

CJ said...

Welcome to Texas, boys.

nj larry said...

Orwell lived in the age of Fascism, fanatical imperialism and nationalism, and Communism. Coming out of this brew he understood how low the human race can go. His writing reads like something out of todays headlines. A brilliant, insightful and creative man. How many of today's youngins have even heard of him no less read his work. Sadly he has succumbed to his own invention...the memory hole.

fast richard said...

Orwell understood a great deal about how humans succumb to tyranny. I think he also understood that no particular political persuasion is immune.

As to the idea of victims of atrocities fighting back, I think their will has to first be broken before they become candidates for one of these mass public displays. There is probably a body of literature on how to accomplish this. It has certainly been done in many times and places.

Anonymous said...

Just ran across a book that outlines the relationship between fascism and America's liberal philosophy. To deep for me to explain.

Summary of contents

In the book, Goldberg argues that both modern liberalism and fascism descended from progressivism, and that before World War II, "fascism was widely viewed as a progressive social movement with many liberal and left-wing adherents in Europe and the United States".[2] Goldberg writes that there was more to fascism than bigotry and genocide, and argues that those characteristics were not so much a feature of Italian fascism, but rather of German Nazism, which was allegedly forced upon the Italian fascists "after the Nazis had invaded northern Italy and created a puppet government in Salò."[3]

He argues that over time, the term fascism has lost its original meaning and has descended to the level of being "a modern word for 'heretic,' branding an individual worthy of excommunication from the body politic", noting that in 1946, the socialist anti-fascist writer George Orwell described the word as no longer having any meaning except to signify "something not desirable".

Tom Bogan
Laconia NH