Saturday, May 02, 2015

Love Them Boomers!!!

Every chance I get I'm launching .454s through these 2 guns. The scoped one is a wonderful Freedom Arms with an octagonal barrel and Bushnell scope. The other one is...not.

The 300-gr Winchester Partitions are BEARS. The Federal Fusion 260-gr (1350fps) are sweethearts.

Got some Hornday 300s and and lighter bullet Winchesters I want to try.

UPDATE…the Winchester 300s and 260s are by far the snappiest  of the .454s I have around. The Hornady 300s are noticeably easier on the hands than the Winchester. I have to say that Freedom Arms .454 is absolutely as good as my custom single actions! Heck of a blaster.


Unknown said...

Don't tease us Mike! Is that, indeed, a Ruger Bisley in .454, from the factory?

RickP said...

Is the man being coy?

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