Sunday, May 31, 2015

Hot Links!

Well, that's what happens on Sunday…stupid headlines! I cooked for people tonight, Copper River salmon and asparagus on the grill, a fresh greens salad, altbier from a local micro. Simple and good — I used this extra hot jerk seasoning on the salmon, with a few additional tweaks.

Here's an excellent interview on the AR-15 as an excellent choice for home defense from Kyle Lamb in American Rifleman.

If you haven't checked out Forgotten Weapons recently, definitely stop by. Ian is, I think, a wonderful addition to GUN STORIES this season!


fast richard said...

Mmmm!!! Altbier!!! Once upon a time I lived near Dusseldorf.

Anonymous said...

Man up. Avery's Majareja IIPA from Boulder. Or Mission's Shipwrecked or Green Flash's Imperial, both from Sandy Eggo.

GlennG said...

Hah! Glad I'm not reading this out loud: "I cooked four people tonight"....

Anonymous said...

Speaking of forgotten weapons, what ever happened to Al Zitta? His piston LR-300 was ahead of the time 15 years ago. But Para was the worse company to buy it up and essentially everything with a Para name died a slow death. Is Zitta somewhere else, retired, or did he go on to the great beyond?

Michael Bane said...

RE: GlennG…"with lava beans and a nice Chianti!"

Anon…good question! The LR-300/Tactical Target Rifle was one heck of an AR…zero recoil; accurate as all get-out. Like shooting a stapler. I thought that Al got the rights back when Para discontinued the rifle, and I seem to remember that he was going to put the LR-300 back in production. Obviously, that hasn't happened.

I have one of the TTRs. I like to shoot it, but it's got that "orphan firearm" feel about it…if it breaks, I have to put it down…


Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

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