Thursday, May 28, 2015

Thoughts Before the Day Spins Up

As an aside, when it comes to hardware I tend to be more hands-on than some, e.g. I gotta putz around with something before I really feel comfortable with it. So my old friends Kevin Brittingham and John Hollister, late of AAC and now spearheading the Sig Sauer suppressor juggernaut, spent some time taking me through the Sig Sauer MCX, the new AR-ish platform Sig introduced earlier this year.

I knew that the MCX was in some ways a continuation, sort of a "Gen 2," of the "Honey Badger" project that the Brittingham Brain Trust began at AAC (we featured it on SHOOTING GALLERY years back when it was still just a printed pre-prototype). In short, "One AR to rule them all...", a gun that could serve both as a PDW but with the ability to perform at mid distances, say out to 300 yards. The centerpiece of the platform would be the .300 Blackout cartridge, and it would be built from the ground up to be suppressed.

I didn't realize how neatly those ideas we featured in the Back When have come together. The MCX is hugely impressive, with each feature designed to solve specific military problems. I'm going to bring SHOOTING GALLERY up to Sig Sauer later this summer so I can take you all through the gun and
Sig silencers (part of our continuing coverage of very quiet stuff!), plus the surprising Sig air gun initiative. Neat stuff!

On the plane now...


DamDoc said...

Off topic, but exciting news.. Constitutional Carry was approved by the Maine Senate yesterday (21 to 14), and now goes to the House, which although democrat controlled, seems to have strong support for the measure (the bill had 97 legislators that originally sign on).. If it passes the house (should be voted on in the next few days, it will go to our great pro-gun governor, Paul LePage (R), who has already indicated support for the bill.. The lopsided vote in the Senate startled the demanding mommies and every-outa-towners (we call 'em flatlanders and pilgrims up here), especially after A LOT of Blooies's money was spent carpet bombing the TV with scare tactic ads... Don't want to speak too soon, but... As a slight indicator, our State Police support the CC bill, and the Legislature passed and Gov signed a bill to legalize auto knives earlier in the session with next to no controversy,. Stay Tuned!

Anonymous said...

Pilgrims, now that's funny. Those of us conservative folks in the mostly rural parts of California have another word or two we call them, and it ain't perty.

DamDoc said...

I suspect id have a lot worse term if i had to deal with coastal left coasters.. so far, we seem to be holding the massholes off, (yeah, another term, but was being undeservidly polite)..