Friday, May 15, 2015

Excuse Me…You Were Saying???

Headline of the week, from Fox:

Our attention span is now worse than a goldfish's

I know mine is. There's probably a corollary here that the country would be better run if indeed governmental offices were staffed exclusively by goldfish. There's a plank for a political platform I could really get behind!

Today is a range day, because it's supposed to rain all day tomorrow so I flipped "Friday" and "Saturday." Mostly ARs, but if I have a little time I want to run my Open Glock and see what's what.

Couple of interesting  articles worth your time over the weekend, since today is ersatz Saturday. The first is from a progressive, Fredrik deBoer, who is appalled at the state of the progressive movement:
Well, look: as a political movement we are in pathetic shape right now. We not only have no capacity to move people who don’t already share our worldview, we seem to have no interest in doing so. Our stock arguments are lazy stacks of cliches. We seem to want to confirm everything conservatives say about our inability to argue without calling other people racist. We can’t articulate why our vision of the future is better than the other side’s, and in fact many of us will tell you that it’s offensive to think that we have an obligation to educate others on that vision at all. We celebrate grassroots activist movements like Black Lives Matter, but we insult them by treating them as the same thing as hashtag campaigns, and we don’t build a broader left-wing political movement that could increase their likelihood of success. We spend all day, every day, luxuriating in how much better we are than other people, having convinced ourselves that the work of politics is always external, never internal. We have made politics synonymous with social competition. We’re a mess.
Well, look: that's true. I do think the Left is approaching the implosion point…the insane level of political correctness is having, not surprisingly, the opposite effect on anyone who has an IQ higher than warm water. 

I also liked Twenty Rules to Live By as America Goes to Hell…here are 3 that ought to be carved in marble:

4: Plan first, consider carefully, adjust and only then do.
5: Have a contingency plan.
6: Create a backup for the contingency plan.


8: Practice regularly with everything you might one day depend on.

Back in my ill-fated days as a motivation speaker (takeaway…"Jeez Michael! Your problem is you keep telling people they truth, and they don't want to hear that!") I used to say that you didn't just need a Plan A, Plan B and Plan C," but rather Plan A though Plan ZZ and beyond. And that your ability to survive whatever, be it an obnoxious boss or TEOTWAWKI, is inextricably linked to your ability to slide seamlessly and quickly right on to the next plan when the previous fails. Of course, what I should have been talking about was how to get a Lexus, the spouse of your dreams and good hair by posting inspirational sayings on Post-It notes on the frig. Oh well, live and learn.

I did buy a gun — there's a shocker — when I was a DoubleStar earlier this week. We had a pistol owed that was our "crash test dummy" for illustrating builds. When we finished filming, I bought the lower, destined to become a dedicated .300 Blackout pistol.


Anonymous said...

The Progressive Movement will hopefully disintegrate when the simpering victim-class realizes that "economic justice" actually means the THEY will have to give up any excesses that they "suffer" above and beyond anyone else. Example: Is that a smart-phone that you have there? Hand it over to ME since I only have a flip-phone.

Yeah, I can see that happening. ; )

Life Member

nj larry said...

Sometimes I forget that the left ACTUALLY believe their nonsense. Well, "believe " isn't strong enough. Because there is more of religious fervor in it for them. The other day I catch an article in one of the few conservative Canadian newspapers. The US Headed for Rebellion !!! That's a red meat headline alright. Then I read the article. Clearly a lefty who sees rebellion for 180 degrees opposite reason to everything I "believe" in. Getting into the other guys mind can be a little like playing wwith a ouija board. You never know what kind of demons your gonna invoke.

kmitch200 said...

Our stock arguments are lazy stacks of cliches

Ain't that the truth. It's like a BHusseinO speech.
Nothing but a bunch of bumper sticker sayings strung together on a teleprompter.
If you listen closely you can hear "White House Officials" in the background praying the teleprompter doesn't go down...that turns into a REAL shitshow.

Anonymous said...

The attention span of a liberal is always the same though and we need to not forget that. They get up every morning and conjure-up ideas on how they will take your guns, your rights and your hard-earned money. Their mantra is always the same and when said long enough and often enough, some come to believe the lies.

Life Member