Friday, May 22, 2015

Two Days on the Range...

…and I am a whipped puppy! Plus, the 3-Gun match I was looking forward to shooting tomorrow was cancelled since, after a week of rain, we have mud up to our butts.

I was at the Sniper's Hide Cup, a stop on the Precision Rifle Series circuit. A huge precision rifle match —220 shooters! We were following OUTDOOR LIFE's John Snow, my old friend and a SHOOTING GALLERY "Usual Suspect." John is an amazing shooter; for this match he was using a George Gardner custom 6mm Creedmore, a cartridge that was originally developed by George and John for an OUTDOOR LIFE article.

I would love to shoot this match, but in all honesty I'm not good enough…yet. But I will be.

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Tennessee Gentleman said...

Michael, Enjoyed meeting you at the NRA Convention in Nashville. Missed the beer thing but you'll get a free one from me anytime you are back this way! And remember; the Flambeux Sux! :)