Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Tuesday Blahs

It is a rainy, cold, yeechy day here at the Bunker, sort of like visiting Seattle at the wrong time of the year (11 out of the 12 months, I suppose). I am sure there are a ton of things I should be doing, but mostly I'm sitting here staring at the computer screen and wondering whether I should just shove everything off my desk and into the garbage. Right now, the "Garbage Gambit" is winning.

ANYHOW, we're spinning up SHOOTING GALLERY Season 16 this week at the Sniper's Hide Precision Rifle Series match here in Colorado. We'll be following SG Usual Suspect John Snow from OUTDOOR LIFE…honestly, I'm not ready for the PRS…getting there, but not yet. John's running some trick 6mm rifle, so that ought to be cool.

I've got one more week of GUN STORIES filming, slightly less than 2 weeks of AMERICA'S RIFLE and THE BEST DEFENSE doesn't crank up until July, so as long as I don't think about it I should be fine! I have, after a year, managed to buy a desk for my office…a 1950s mahogany monster that struck me as cool. Call it good at $60.

Little luck and good weather and my Sweetie and I will be shooting a local 3-Gun match this weekend. Be cool to shoot the Tavor, eh? Long shot is 200 yards, so not out there in space.

Kinda hate to see Tracking Point falling apart. The technology is just awesome, but the price tag is just too much for the current market. I think there might also be more resistance than they anticipated in bringing the platform to a hunting market.


nj larry said...

MB you have the inside skinny on what the heck is going on at Stag?

clark myers said...

Mixed feelings to see you filming in Weldona - it's in Colorado after all. Good to see that CO may yet repent of its wicked ways.

Agreed on Seattle but again it is just as true that a nice day in Seattle is as nice as it gets anywhere in the whole wide world.

Unknown said...

Thats because there are so few good days!

Anonymous said...

The longer Colorado goes without "repenting", the higher the likelihood that they won't. Everyone will just "get used to it", which is the Liberals objective. Then, they'll "nudge it" another foot to the left.

Life Member

Michael Bane said...

In Colorado we've got understand what the battlespace looks like. Prior to the passage of the laws, I was at the meeting with the Governor's legal representative where we as representatives of the shooting sports refused to give a magazine capacity number we would accept. We also refused to "write a number on a piece of paper" so "no one can accuse you of saying you agreed with this."

That was then; this is now. The laws passed — we lost, to put it bluntly— and we have to shift our tactics to take back what was taken from us.

I am a supporter of incrementalism; I will take back whatever I can get, then keep chipping away. This puts me (and many of the people who were in that room with me with Hickenlooper's dog) at odds with the largest state firearms owners group.

I base my opinion on the fact that in the most swing Republican election of the last 20 years, Colorado was unable to elect a Republican governor or enough local Republicans to swing the state legislature to the pro-gun side.

The last Anon makes a good point on the Left wanting to "nudge" everything in their direction. We can — and should — use the same tactic. If the Dems will give us a 30 round limit instead of a 15 round limit, well and good. Take it and keep chipping away. This is the very strategy that has worked in other states.


Christian Lowe said...

Thanks for the linkback Michael on the TrackingPoint story...great blog you got...

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