Sunday, May 10, 2015

A Red Letter Day!

At least for Newt.

Today was the day The Beagle Caught The Rabbit! Crack of dawn this AM, the Newt-ster asked to go out to her run. She never just "goes outside;" she's far too tactical for that. First, she sticks her nose out the doggie door and sniffs at great length…then her head, with her tail down and body tensed, just in case. Finally, she slithers out the door, ready for action. This morning it was strictly sniff, BAAAAAAYYYYYYY!

The stupid bunny had crept into the extremely well fenced run. Lotsa baying; lots bunny smacking against the fences; lots Michael running around getting dressed, finding shoes, racing outside to sort it out. The bunny finally froze in the face of the savage apex predator, who kept poking the bunny with her nose to get it to continue the most excellent chase game. Beagles are trackers, not catchers. Nothing's more boring than a rabbit who just sits there.

Well, it'll definitely get your Sunday off on a dead run!


Unknown said...

Beagle~1...Bunny~heart attack

_DonWorsham_ said...

unlike Basenjis and Standard Schanuzers who go for the kill...messy, messy kill.

Anonymous said...

Who's going to see you running around in your Underoos at the secret bunker?

kmitch200 said...

I don't think even Michael's kevlar reinforced 'underoos' can hold up a Ruger Alaskan. ;)

PlzenPlinker said...
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PlzenPlinker said...


Pathfinder said...

My Australian Shepherd, Torry, and my barn cat had this whole love-hate thing going, lots of chasing and running outside AND in. One day, when the cat was sunning itself mostly asleep on a low brick wall, well, a cat sitting is just no fun, so Torry gets on the wall, walks over, stares at the cat a moment, then pushes it off the wall with her nose. OK, a cat in motion is fair game!

Good fun, MB, hope the show was fun, especially without all of the bloody fur, etc.

AllenF said...

Lucky.. Abby would've nabbed it, brought in back into the doggy door, then ate it when we tried to retrieve.

He have the tracker, the hunter, and the consumer of beagles.

Anonymous said...

We moved a few months ago and the new house has a much smaller yard and no substantial trees. And no squirrels for a Border Collie who loves to chase them. But... a few weeks ago, of course in the pouring rain, a squirrel comes over the garage from a neighbor's yard and hunkers down on our fence. Then there's the nose out the door and the stalk. And the "I'll just sit and stare for as long as it the pouring rain! Olde Force

Unknown said...

The Mountain Cur is much more fun with it's silent,clean kills. 3 possums so far in three years

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