Friday, March 04, 2005

The Antigunners Stumble

First read the Brady press release on the Five=seveN 5.7 X 28 pistol, especially this part:
The National Rifle Association has defended the weapon and questioned the Brady Campaign's testing. In response to their comments, Barnes today suggested that the NRA's President, Wayne LaPierre, "put on a bullet proof vest, and we'll fire the weapon at him, and see what happens. He should put his body where his mouth is."
Now read the NRA response:
It is pathetic to see the gun control lobby make hysterical statements to resurrect their failed political agenda. According to the BATFE, this armor-piercing ammunition is only available to the military and police. The Brady Campaign continues to deceive the American people in their effort to ban firearm ownership by all law-abiding Americans.
I'm waiting to see what Bitter Bitch of the Bitch Girls has to say about what she doesn't like about the response. As pour moi (the only legacy of my ill-fated attempt to learn Frenchie in college to meet the language requirement...remember requirements?), I refer you back to my Two Front War post. I thought the Brady release stank of desperation, which quite frankly lifted my spirits.

To quote the robot Daleks from the old Dr. Who television series: ATTACK ATTACK ATTACK...

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I just posted my response to the NRA statement.