Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Bad News Tuesday

First, read Alphecca's compilation of news on the school shooting. I think he does the best job of giving an insight into what happened. Here's a quote from Alphecca from the Pioneer Press:
At least a dozen other students were wounded by the teenage gunman, identified by tribal members as Jeff Weise, a sophomore who enjoyed Marilyn Manson music and had expressed his admiration for Adolf Hitler on various online forums.


In a couple of postings to a nationalist forum last year, Weise eerily foreshadowed Monday's events. He claimed last April that authorities had questioned him about alleged plans to "shoot up the school on 4/20, Hitlers (sic) birthday."

On Internet sites Weise sometimes used the names "Todesengel'' — German for "angel of death'' — or "NativeNazi."
When I was a kid in junior high school, there was always a touring science guy who came by once or twice a year with film clips about "scientific experiments" in progress. The only one I really remember was the "rats in the box" experiment, which got shown at least once a year. The experiment was, as the deep scientific voice intoned, to keep adding rats to a box and see what happened as "population density" increased. What invariably happened was that as more rats were added, invariably one would go insane and attack the other rats, who then turned on the crazy rat and killed it. Researchers, the voice added, wanted to know how many rats was too many rats in a box. It's a question I'm afraid we have succssfully answered.

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