Friday, March 18, 2005

An M1 Carbine Update...

I was rooting around in some of my other email accounts today, and I found this missive from gunwriter/gunsmith Patrick Sweeney about hooking up with Jim Cirillo from the old NYPD Stakeout Squad on the M1 Carbine:
I talked to Jim Cirillo at the SHOT Show during the PMC range day. Yes, they used the M1, with the barrel shortened to the end of the handguards, loaded with the old 110 (gr) jacketed soft/hollow point ammo. And it had the best percentage of stops of any gun they used.

I've always wondered about the stories of the "lack of stopping power" of the M1 Carbine. Apparently no one in the Pacific in WWII complained. And ballistically, it has it all over the .357, as you pointed out. I never could get that: a .357-inch 110-grain bullet @ 1400 fps stops like God's Word, but a .308-inch 110 @ 1900 gets shrugged off. As a friend of mine is wont to remark, "What's up with that?"
Parick is one of the ranking ballistic guys around. he knows of which he speaks! And Cirillo? He's the Man.

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Anonymous said...

I've heard AMT is back in business. AMT Automag III is in .30 carbine. It's one way to get a legal short barreled gun with this round. (allthough I can't image what the grip size is). I'll look for one at the Tanner Gun Show this weekend in Denver.