Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Tyler Update

Once again, Alphecca has proven he's the best aggregator around. Read his Weekly Bias column.

I find myself getting angrier and angrier about both the media antigun spin and the thundering silence from our side of the table. It shouldn't fall on the blogosphere — on Alphecca, on Trigger Finger, on geekwitha .45, on 10-Ring — to carry all the weight while the people we PAY to speak in our behalf are still patting themselves on their backs for the election victory. Guys, we appreciate the hell out of your work on getting George Bush back in the White House, but the war has moved on to other fronts. We've got CNN spinning out of control, .50 caliber rifles under vicious — and far too successful — attack, a hero being besmirched by a rabid collection of idiots and I have yet to hear even a hint of a strategy from the progun side.

We need a national strategy to combat this antigun barrage on a state level. The attacks on .50s, the calls for a renewed AWB, all of these things are part of a concerted attack. Where is our national strategy?

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