Monday, March 14, 2005

Whip It Good!

From Annanova, presently largely without comment:
Passers-by called police after seeing a young blonde woman being bundled into the back of a van in Brunssum.

Three men had roughly manhandled the struggling woman who was handcuffed, blindfolded, gagged and staggering on high heels in fishnet stockings...

Two of them were only half dressed and police feared the woman had been raped in the back of the van.

But when they untied her and took her gag off, she reportedly screamed: "You stupid b******s! I've been trying to set this up for months! And now you've ruined it, just when it was getting interesting!"
Okay...maybe one comment! You'd think in this modern age they would have at least arranged for video! Think of how much more interesting it would be than reinactments of the Michael Jackson trial.

I feel a new reality show coming on!


Anonymous said...

Came here from a link on Publicola....

For the love of God - stop with the colors! The white-on-black lettering contrast is bad enough on its own, without having to "taste the rainbow" every other sentence. What - did you kill a clown and now have to hide the body throughout your blog?

Seriously, all the color fonts make the posts nigh-unreadable. Not only do they overwhelm the coloring of any embedded links , but they make your sentences read oddly emphasized in places.

Please remember - with great color-tag power comes great color-tag responsibility.

Anonymous said...

About the "Whip It Good" story posted ... hahahahahahaha !!!