Wednesday, March 23, 2005

More Sping Cycle

Very nice post from Denise at Ten Ring analyzing the Brady Center press release:
Their [Brady's] quotes wonder when we’ll make our communities safe from gun violence.

My answer to them: We’ll never be safe from gun violence anymore than we’re safe from any kind of violence. Bad or mentally disturbed people will always find a way to get a weapon. We can defend ourselves, we can work harder to recognize when people need help, and we can lock up violent offenders until they’re too old to commit violent crimes. In Minnesota and in Atlanta the perpetrators got their guns from police. How do you stop that, short of disarming law enforcement?

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Anonymous said...

and all you have to do is look at D.C. where guns are ILLEGAL -- where the law abiding citizen are not legally able to protect themselves. The criminals who conduct their lawless activities without any regard towards life, liberty or justice without remorse or a fear of the law. What ever happened to the right of self protection?