Wednesday, March 02, 2005

In Case You Missed It...

I think it's time for George Bush to send Special Forces troops into New York City to head off the impending war between rapper 50 Cent and his ungrateful and less talented protege The Game. 50 Cent dropped The Game from the G-Unit, and the proverbial 9-mil hit the fan.

Of course, you're aware that one of The Game's posse was wounded in a shooting at a NYC radio station Monday night. "Security shot my li'l homie," wrote The Game's brother, Big Fase, on the rapper's website. "I'm holdin' 50 Cent responsible." Immediately thereafter, somebody hosed the front of Violator Management, who reps 50 Cent, with bullets. The Game is from Compton...nuff said!

Sarcasm aside, I liked some of the stuff on Get Rich or Die Tryin'. Interesting to see 50 Cent the street thug trying to pull himself up and still remain a hard boy. This is from Many Man (Wish Death) and, yes, the lyrics are explicit:

Now these pussy niggas putting money on my head
Go on and get your refund motherfucker, I ain't dead
I'm the diamond in the dirt, that ain't been found
I'm the underground king and I ain't been crowned
Turn your back on me, get clapped and lose your legs
I walk around gun on my waist, chip on my shoulder
Till I bust a clip in your face, pussy, this beef ain't over

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