Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Gunsite #2

Absolutely great day today in the GUNSITE Hunter Prep course. Essentially, this course provides simulations on African or North American game. Basically, you work your way through the woods/veldt looking for game. I shot a warthog at 10 yards, a lion at 100 yards and an antelope at 57 yards. I was using a Steyr Scout Rifle in .308 with a forward-mounted 2-power Leopold scope.

I've shot the Steyr Scout before, but this is the first time I've ever really wrung one out. SOLD! The idea of a forward-mounted scope allows you to shoot with two eyes open — the way we monkeys were designed to do — and it is fast, fast, fast to pick up. I spent all day blasting .308 match rounds, and the Steyr was hands-down the most comfortable .308 I've ever shot...even with it's skinny short barrel. In fact, the stock was so well designed dit was like shouldering and shooting a .223. My pal Alan Samuel from, who's along for the ride and is a very experienced three-gun shooter, totally agreed. Alan capped a couple of back-lit antelope at 200 yards with the sun on the way down. Even our crew had a blast.

I really like GUNSITE's philosophy of a consistent platform across all the weapons' systems...shot a handgun the same way as a rifle as a shotgun as a subgun, etc. Makes a huge amount of sense.

Tomorrow we'll be working with the GUNSITE crew, Greg Foster from Remington Law Enforcement and Dave Spaulding, a fine trainer in his own right, working with the new Remington 7615 pump carbines. Oughta be fun!

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