Sunday, March 06, 2005

Menawhile. Back at the Damned Airport...

...I thought I'd post something before I boogied on down to Arizona!

As usual, the morons at United have come up with a new and even more convoluted system for people declaring firearms at DIA. Let me see if I have this right:
1) Check in on the machines
2) Tell the helpful United employee that you need a firearms declaration form
3) Watch while helpful attendent tears up your baggage claim and calls some hapless schlepp over to carry your bad to the "Oversize Bag" check, the newest, latest place to get a firearms declaration
4) Fill out declaration and place in bag
5) Wait for second schlepp to "take possession" of your bag and push it over to the Official TSA Declared Gun Checking Station, which is either at Continental Airlines or Pittsburg, whichever is farthest away
6) Wait until the overworked TSA guys run your bag through and then announce that, yes, you do have a declared firearm in your bag
7) Go to the gate
At least, that's this week's fire-drill, which was different from last week's fire-drill and which will no doubt be different from next week's fire-drill. Is it too much to suggest to our reps at NSSF and the NRA to try and negotiate some sort of standard with these fools? I know...I know...silly me!

In the meantime, check out the Carnival of Cordite over at Gullyborg.

Off into the skies!

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Hey, thanks for the plug! And you are welcome to send in your own submissions for future carnivals.