Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Hopefully, This is a Trend...

I admit I haven't seen the Overstock.com ad, which is currently lighting up the Internet. Instapundit linked to this Slate article on the actress who steams up the ad: The moment you've been waiting for—the lowdown on the Overstock hottie...the lovely Sabine Ehrenfeld (pronounced "Sa-BEAN-uh") was driving back from a snowboarding trip with her children, on her way to casting calls the following day. Still, she found time to chat in a delightful and disarming manner. I learned the following:

In addition to German and English, Sabine speaks French and Italian. She is proficient in basic tactical pistol skills, because she thought it would be a fun thing to learn. She also has a private pilot's license and 350 hours in the air. Think about that...an article in Slate, which has turned liberal handwringing into a fine art, where the words "tactical pistol skills" are mentioned without a subsequent "response quote" from the monkeys at the VPC!!! This is, as The Sainted Martha would say, a Good Thing.

Seriously, in the old days of the NSSF media education program, Paul Erhardt, Gary Mehalik and I talked a lot about "normalizing" the possession, carrying and sporting use of firearms. The idea was that victory in the apparently endless battle over firearms was often defined as convincing a majority of the people that our political position was the correct position — an example being the individual, rather than the group, interpretation of the Second Amendment. Paul,Gary and I argued that a cultural victory was far more important than a political victory. Yes, political victory is important, but when firearms are once again "normalized" she plays golf and shoots IPSC; we decided on a week at Gunsite instead of the family trip to Panama City, etc. — it makes it much harder for the antigun forces to function.

Our goal should be to marginalize the VPC, Brady, Chuckie Schumer, Diane "Gimme Back My Bullets" Fienstein and the rest of the elitist crew. That's what they succeeded in doing with us!

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