Thursday, March 17, 2005

John Kerry's Career...

Read this one from the one and only P. J. O'Rourke in the Weekly Standard:
JOHN KERRY EFFECTIVELY ENDED HIS political career on February 28, 2005, during a little-noticed event at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library in Boston. Senator Kerry was being presented with the library's "Distinguished American Award"--a bust of John Kennedy. The artist had portrayed JFK with head slightly tilted. The bust looked puzzled. The award was presented by Senator Ted Kennedy, who phoned it in. Supposedly Kennedy was rushing to catch the "last plane out of Logan" to get to Washington for a vital debate on bankruptcy reform legislation. Why the other senator from Massachusetts wasn't vital was not explained. Nor was it explained why any Democrat was vital to a debate on legislation that was simply to be passed by the Republican majority and signed by the Republican president.
On a less funny subject, this from on adding .50 cal rifles and Five-seveN pistols to the state's Draconian assault weapons ban:
Known on the street as the cop killer, the Five-seveN is easily concealable and is designed to shoot ammunition that can pierce 48 layers of Kevlar, the material in bulletproof vests.

The .50-caliber rifle can accurately shoot a target up to 2,000 yards away and can potentially shoot down commercial airplanes during takeoff, supporters of the bill said. The rifle is not covered by the state assault weapons ban.
As predicted right here, the antigun lobby is moving hard and fast to try and duplicate their last big hit, banning "cop-killer" bullets. I like that "known on the street" reference, as if the reporter, one Justin Matthew Aucoin was some "O.G." just in from "da hood," as opposed to the more likely scenario of a recent J-skol kid copying a Brady memorandum.

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