Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Just Look at This CRAP!

If I hadn't seen this with my own eyes, I wouldn't believe just how low antigunners can get. Go to 50 Caliber Terror and prepared to be PISSED OFF! Don't miss the flash intro.

Now that you're furious, you're probably wonder who is responsible for this P-O-S. Well, luckily, this just dropped into my e-mail box from a friend:
FWIW, the site is registered to Mark Karlin & Associates, a Chicago PR firm. Karlin is or was the chairman of the Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence, and full-on neo-Marxist psychopath as well. (At least that's how *I'd* categorize him.) He's listed as the point of contact on lots of press releases for anti-gun organizations. He also edits buzzflash.com, which appears to be the Democratic Underground crowd's answer to Drudge. Just Google him.
Isn't that sweet? It's time we called these people what they really are, domestic terrorist wannabes, heavy breathers who get off on the idea that some real terrorist group will pick up on their ideas. Only a whore of the lowest sort would create a piece of crap like this.

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Anonymous said...

I just went to 50 caliber terror site. They Claim terrorist can freely purchase these rifles. What a load of *@#! We don't need anymore gun laws. We need to make the people that don't sell firearms properly to suffer not those of us who have and use guns for protection and sporting purposes.