Monday, March 14, 2005

You Can't Win 'Em ALL...

Check out this column from the Henderson Daily News, which I suppose must be somewhere in the United States or Texas. It's one of those rare cases where the journalist, Ms. Sherry Long, manages to get everything wrong:
Personally, I'm scared of guns. I will not go near them, whether they're pistols or rifles. I don't care. I have buried too many friends and family members who died from shooting incidents.

A better question to ask is, why are semi-automatic guns even manufactured?

Most large corporations are driven by the profit motive - cold, hard, green cash. It's a simple true hard fact of life...

In 1994, Congress banned automatic and semiautomatic weapons, but it seems there are more reports than ever about shootings involving assault weapons...

...These types of weapons need to be taken off the streets once and forever...

Federal law states that automatic weapons can only be used by the military.
Well, as Steve Perry once sang (badly):

Oh Sherry
You should've been gone
Knowing how I made you feel
And I should've been gone
After all your words of steel

Sherry can be reached at Perhaps more importantly, her boss, Tony Floyd, the managing editor, can be reached at A non-snotty questioner might note that calling a story a "column" or an "editorial" does NOT release the writer and the publisher from the journalistc canon of ethics, which obligates them both to report and print only items they know to be true. Opinions are not facts, and vice versa. Ms. Long's piece is so fraught with errors that Michael Jackson's chimp coulda poked holes in it after five minutes on the Internet with a stolen GameBoy.

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