Thursday, March 03, 2005

Send Flowers & Drawn Butter...

The world's only superstar lobster, 22-pound Bubba, has gone to that Great Lobster Trap in the Sky:
PITTSBURGH, Pa. - He spent decades dodging lobster pots, but in the end, Bubba was done in by a trip to the zoo.

The 22-pound lobster died yesterday at the Pittsburgh Zoo, about a day after he was moved there from a fish market.
Bubba's untimely death came just as he stepped onto the red carpet. He was slated for a slot on Oprah as soon as he settled into his new digs, where he was going to discuss the sexual issues surrounding supersized Crustaceans. NBC has announced that they're "putting on hiatus" a planned "The View"-type morning talk show hosted by Bubba and Today correspondent Ann Curry. "We're all thankful he didn't suffer," said Curry, reached at home in the Today bunker in midtown Manhattan. "He was the best President we ever had, and he'd still be President if that woman had known a decent dry-cleaner! No...wait...was he on the Supreme Court?"

Flowers and cocktail sauce to the Pittsburg Zoo...

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