Thursday, November 09, 2006

Ah, the Sweet Smell of Common Sense!

Thought I might start out with this from Charlie Rangel's website:
Gun Control-Congressman Rangel supports commonsense gun legislation, and has also requested that the House leadership take the necessary steps to facilitate bipartisan cooperation on this very important issue. He is also an original cosponsor of Effective National Firearms Objectives for Responsible Commonsense Enforcement (ENFORCE). This bill will: authorize increased funding for federal, state, and local gun prosecutors; improve gun tracing and ballistics testing systems; fund smart gun technologies which prevent guns from being use by criminals and children; and close a number of dangerous loopholes that hinder the enforcement of gun laws.
Been looking for the NYT post referenced by a commenter, but haven't found it yet. I would like to point out that the big dummy can't even spell "common sense," but hey, he is a politico!

And from Adam McKay over at Huffington, his suggestions for La Pelosi's immediate agenda:
4. Bring back the assault weapons ban.

Remember this? We were so knee deep in the corruption and lies of this administration and Congress that when they let this lapse without a whimper we didn't even blink. And it was during their big "make America safer" run. Let's just bring it back.

I got a quick bulletin from Jim Shepherd at The Shooting Wire, the only guy in this business with more (and sneakier) contacts than moi, that elements of the gun control agenda WILL be in the Dems' "First 100 Hours" Pelosi action plan...heck, I thought they'd give it at least 30 days. Jim also says he's hearing all sorts of stuff out of Washington, his old stomping grounds, that are leaving him "very disturbed."

Refer to my BUY LIST yesterday, kiddies...I don't want to see you left out when the tofu hits the humidifier!

BTW, our ace videographer Bill Beaver says with the Democratic victory, it's now okay to shoot Republicans as long as the bullet doesn't ricochet and hit a tree...


Anonymous said...

None of this should come as any suprize to anyone that even remotely keeps up with politics. I guess it just goes to show, as PT Barnum said, there is a sucker born ever minute.

Anonymous said...

"This bill will: authorize **increased funding** for federal, state, and local gun prosecutors; improve gun tracing and ballistics testing systems; fund smart gun technologies.."

Glad to see Rangel hasn't lost his sense of humor and found a brain lying around somewhere.
Lord knows there's plenty not being used, including the one supposedly residing in his own melon.

It just makes me all warm and fuzzy to know that my taxes are going to fund "smart" gun technologies. And of course all cops, military will be exempt because THE WHOLE IDEA SUCKS EGGS.

Anonymous said...

I just had another thought (imagine that!) If the Dems are smart they will keep their mouth shut about guns untill after the Presidential election. This may be the worse thing that could happen, because it will lull the electorate into a false sense of security about our gun rights. Then, if the Dems control all the government, passage of anti-gun bills will be a walk in the park.

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