Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Gun Day!

I always love it when wayward little lambs come home to the manger! Today, two of the little lambs who've been out to Lamb Hospitals came home — my little Detonics CombatMaster .45 ACP blaster, which went to Nebraska to visit Bill Laughridge at Cylinder & Slide Shop, and the nasty, scary S&W 329PD ultralite .44 Magnum revolver, which got sent away to Jim Stroh at Alpha Precision for civilizing.

I'm filming with Detonics in Atlanta next week, and when I told old friend Jerry Ahern, who's also Detonics' CEO, that I sent my CombatMaster off to get overhauled, he was pretty upset. "You said it was good," he said. "Why's you send it to C&S?"

"I'm pissy about 1911s," I said. It's now exactly like my other "working" 1911s! Jerry'll be impressed.

On the 329, it had a wretched, wretched DA trigger pull when I bought it off the S&W Forum Classifieds...pretty common with the whole ultralite series of revolvers. It's not got that signature Jim Stroh flawlessly smooth trigger pull...I haven't weighted it yet, but I pretty much don't care — smooth is fast! Yeah yeah, you've heard that before!

It's also got a gold bead front sight instead of the fiber-optic one...as I've mentioned before, I've broken enough fiber optic front sights to be wary of them on working guns.

I don't have any pictures here because I'm wrestling with the new cameras and Quicktime, so hopefully I'll have video for you tomorrow...FORGET the range! It's freezing and snowing to beat the band...I'm NOT going outside!


Not Available said...


Wow! You send one gun here and another gun there. If, if you had a Taurus model 605 and wanted to "smooth the trigger pull", where would you send it?

Michael Bane said...

On the Taurus 605, unequivocally, Jim Stroh at Alpha Precision.

His prices are fair and his turnaround is pretty good. He did a Taurus .44 Special for me that had a trigger pull requiring a Warn wench on the frot of a Jeep to pull...it;s now one of my favorite little blasters, smooth as silk.

Tell him I sent you...he'll dye the gun green!


Anonymous said...

I've been following your comments on the 329PD with interest, since I have a 4" 325PD in .45ACP. I had the Master Revolver Action Job performed by S&W and a patridge / gold bead front sight installed. Both were nice improvements.

Anonymous said...

Mr.Bill at Cylinder & Slide installed the SFS kit on my Browning 40cal & man did he do a great job!I look forward to seeing him at the SHOT SHOW in Orlando in January! Stephan King